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At Medimex we share the vision of our company, working every day to highlight and apply our mission and our values for the benefit of our stakeholders.



Our diversified portfolio allows us to have a presence in various distribution channels such as; pharmacies, chain stores, super markets, convenience stores, hotels, restaurants, wholesalers and many others, delivering professional services to our clients and our experience to our suppliers.

We own our own transportation fleet, as well as warehouses in Panama and David, in the Provence of Chiriqui. This allows us to have a national coverage in sales and supply.

Brand Development

Panama´s market is as competitive as any other. That is why we are proud of our successful track record in the development of brands. With the support of our suppliers, the dynamics of our team and the efforts of our sales team, we have positioned our brands in an affordable and successful way.


Panama is strategically placed between diverse markets that allow us to interact with multiple suppliers and distributors from around the world, to find synergies and new business opportunities. We use these resources to provide a services of representation and distribution from Colon´s Free Zone to countries in the region of the Caribbean, Central and South America, strengthening the development of brands.