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At Medimex we share the vision of our company, working every day to highlight and apply our mission and our values for the benefit of our stakeholders.

MEDIMEX, S.A. is a family owned private company.

The company´s began in the commercialization of pharmaceutical products. Dedicating itself to the supply of pharmaceutical goods to both private and government clients in Panama, while receiving regional recognition by multinational companies for their outstanding accomplishments and sales efficiency, as well as by many Panamanian social groups for its contributions to the development of the health sector in Panama.

The arrival of a new generation of management prepared MEDIMEX to diversify its portfolio with the purpose of satisfying the increasing demand for goods and development in the country. Thus, the company started to branch into canned foods, personal care products, home care products and other consumer goods, while also returning to the family roots by distributing wine, spirits and beer.

On November 1st, 2012. MEDIMEX and AGENCIAS NORCAL merged to create a stronger and efficient distribution company.

Today, MEDIMEX, S.A., holds a diversified portfolio, offering to its clients, a wide range of solutions to their business needs and a base of solid clients to its suppliers with a history of successful business relations.

In MEDIMEX, our family extends to our employees, clients and suppliers, who work together to achieve mutual growth and benefits.